How A Kitchen Reno Ads Value To Your Home


The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place to¬† connect with family, a space to create a fabulous meal, for first time home buyers it’s a top consideration when searching for that perfect abode, and in terms of investment a kitchen renovation is still proven to bring the greatest return on investment. So if you’ve been contemplating that dream kitchen whether you’re selling your home or want to create a welcoming comfortable, functional space for those special gatherings with family and friends, here are some numbers to help you in the decision making process.

After all it’s nice to know what a financial investment will add to a home’s value in terms of dollars.

  • Minor kitchen renovation: cabinets, fixtures, appliances, flooring and countertops, roughly a $20,000 investment depending on square footage can produce an 80% ROI
  • Major kitchen renovation: restructuring the layout, creating that open floor plan that everyone wants, upgrading plumbing and electricity, bringing in energy efficient modern appliances, fixtures , flooring , countertops and lighting. An approximate investment of $57,000 can produce about the same, an 80% ROI.


For questions on how to get started on your kitchen reno don’t hesitate to call and schedule a comprehensive consultation.

We’re here to help guide you through the process.

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